Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A throne fit for a (cute little) King....

Hi everyone! I've been cleaning up my computer (to prepare for a much needed new one) and came across a project I did waaay back in April for my mum's birthday! I've been meaning to post them since then but forgot so here goes!

First, a little explanation for the title of this post. For my mother's birthday this year I wanted to get her something different. She has a great little collection of teddy bears, some vintage, some new, some she's had since she was born...I guess those would be the vintage ones? kidding ma! Anyway I knew exactly what I wanted to get her after seeing THESE ADORABLE BEARS on ETSY!!!! I've been a huge fan/stalker/shopper of Etsy for about 3 years now. I came across this wonderful shop called KNITTING DREAMS and I was hooked! These handmade Amigurumi teddy bears are made to order by hand. Sooo many cute ones to choose from. They come all the way from Spain and I'm not kidding when I tell you that once the bear has been made, the shipping is incredibly fast! Anyway, I didn't want to just give her the bear on its own, I wanted to make a little ledge or house or something she could display him in. So after searching everywhere for little open faced bird houses, boxes, shelves etc...I FINALLY came across something perfect at my lss The Paper Pickle! They had a bunch of Kaisercraft Mini Album Stands and I thought I could make a little 'throne' out of it. A quick shout out to Kim (thanks for the help..woot woot!!)...So here's what I came up with:

Supplies used: Tim Holtz Distress Ink (Tea Dye), Blending foam with handle applicator, a selection of Designer papers (from SGD), scissors, craft knife, sandpaper tool, tombow glue, 4 mini wooden spools, embroidery thread, double sided tape, button, green fabric and cotton balls for the pillow.
I traced each piece of the album stand onto the selected paper (I used the blue hearts for the outside and the yellow on the inside). Cut them out, then glued them into place sanding down any stray edges. Then I went to work with the ink blending tool darkening the bare sides of the stand and all around the edges of the paper. I assembled the chair/stand adding glue to the 'seams' for added support. I distressed the mini wooden spools with ink then wrapped some red embroidery floss around them with 2-sided tape and adhered them to the bottom as 'feet' for the chair. I sewed a little pillow for him to sit on and added a little red button to the front of the chair to match the one on his scarf. This was such a fun project and loved the finished product I wanted to keep it for myself! hahaha...I did get a bear for Mothers Day so it was all good!
Here are a few more shots:
I know this is a bit different from my usual posts but since I won't be around as much due to a very busy schedule I had to get him on here before he fell through the cracks (or gets wiped off my computer with my luck). Anyway hope you like!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great night!


  1. What a gorgeous bear. He is such a cutie. I bet your Mum loved him.

  2. That is THE cutest gift EVER!! Honestly, your imagination and creativity?!?! Wow! I have GOT to steal this idea. Just awesome.

  3. That has got to be the cutest thing I have EVER seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Krista...this is BEYOND ADORABLE!!! Serious CUTENESS!! HUGS!!

  5. Oh, cute is this??? Adorable!!!

  6. absolutely creative genius!! I'm sure this will be treasured! bx