Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Baby Cakes...on a stick!

I just wanted to quickly share the latest craze in our house. Cake Pops!!! I was at work the other day when I stumbled upon this crazy cute machine called Baby Cakes. I grabbed it thinking it would be fun to do with the kids. Well I think I've put on about 3 lbs in a week! Seriously. I'm completely addicted to making these, decorating them and mostly, eating them!!! They are sooo rediculously easy to make. I just use a cake mix and pour it in and the machine does the rest! I had to do a bit of experimenting with the coating but I've finally found one that works great! Here are a few pics:

Besides the machine being totally cute and purple, it comes with a bag of sticks, a stand to hold 12 cake pops, a lifter and a recipe book! One pkg of cake mix makes about 5 dozen. I froze half of them and found they are easier to decorate after being thawed. Oh and a great tip is to put your batter into a plastic squeeze bottle....spooning it into the wells was a little messy for me and this works great!
My kids loved decorating them and sharing them with their friends! But eating them is the best part! I think these treats are going to be a hit for Christmas!

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  1. Love your Cake Pops. I have been thinking about getting one of these machines for the grandkids for Christmas. How did you decorate these? Did you have to thin the frosting or is this white candy melts? Where do you get the sticks for them? Thanks for sharing with us :)

  2. Wow!! Thats awesome... I want one of those for Christmas..... Can you post the recipe for the coating?? Or is it in the book??. Thanks for sharing... By the way they look, GORGEOUS!!

  3. OMW, I didn't know there was a machine for making these. I made cake pops earlier this year for my children's birthdays, and they went down a storm with their classmates! I had to do them the hard way, rolling the cake into balls - it was quite fun to do though. The worst part was trying to get a covering on without it cracking - yours look fabulous!
    Love, Andrea xx

  4. where did u get the machine..want them yours look great..thks for sharing