Saturday, December 31, 2011

Mixed media canvases.....part 1...

So I'm trying to tie up some loose ends today...organizing my office, cleaning up my computer etc...I've been meaning to post my mixed media canvases for MONTHS and since its the last day of the year, now is as good a time as ever!

So waaaaay back in the spring I took an on-line course by Christy Tomlinson called The She Art Workshop! It was alot of fun and FULL of amazing inspiration and was nice because I could go at my own pace. The fun part about mixed media is you can use just about anything to create your masterpiece! Some supplies I have used for my canvases are: paint, ink, sprays, pastes, stensils, stamps, rub-ons, glitter, designer paper, rhinestones, gouache, bubble wrap, mesh, doilies, man oh man the list goes on and on...

Below are first three canvases I did:

I made this sweet little canvas for a friends 8th birthday. The size is 2x2 (roughly the size of a standard post-it note). I also left little inspirational messages around each side of the canvas and presented it on a little easel for display.

This was my 2nd canvas:

My first attempt:

I will be posting the rest in a bit. Just wanted to share the fun of mixed media art. ANYONE can do it, even my 4 year old daughter has a finished canvas sitting in her room!

Stay tuned for more!


  1. These are stunning - I cannot believe the first one is so small - what a lovely lovely idea.
    Love, Andrea xx

  2. These are so gorgeous! I may have to take that class - these would be so cool in Maisie's room!