Saturday, February 9, 2013

Handmade Goodness....

So my mom is very artistic and is always trying new things, every time I turn around she is dabbling into something new and always comes up with the most adorable creations!!!  THESE handmade felt bracelet cuffs are NO EXCEPTION and honestly are now among my favourites!!!  Aren't they gorgeous???
She even made teeny tiny ones to fit my daughters wee wrist!  You can see by the smile on her face that Nana's gift was a hit!!!   She is already comissioning my mom to make one for each one of her friends!!! 
She wears it everywhere!!!
These pictures don't do them any justice, you should see them in person, they are beautiful!!! 
Anyway just wanted to share some handmade goodness!  There's nothing better than a handmade gift!  Thanks mom!

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  1. You were right....they are gorgeous!Creative talents obviously run in the family. Your daughter looks a sweetie too.