Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Minion Halloween!!!!

Hi all!  Trying another post from my iPhone. The pictures aren't in the order I want but you get the idea anyway. I have no idea how to edit etc...with the blogger app on my phone so it is what it is ;-)....
Anyway this year we decided to try something different with our pumpkins for Halloween. We are huge fans of the Despicable Me movies and thought it would be fun to paint minion pumpkins!  (I was inspired by Pinterest of course)...They turned out ok except the paint peeled very easily as you can see from the picture below. I didn't use sealer after we were finished with the final layer of paint. Lesson learned!  They still turned out pretty cute for our first time and the kids had fun!!!

My daughter had to paint hers purple like the evil ones from the second movie!  Loved it!!!
We also made our 'tootsie pop pumpkin'. It's a tradition and the kids love making them!!!

Supplies used for the minion pumpkins:
Oval shaped pumpkins, paint, mason jar lids, two way tape, Copic markers, sharpie markers, black ribbon.  
Hope you had a spooky Halloween!  Thanks for stopping by!

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