Thursday, November 10, 2011

No card today but how 'bout a canvas....or two...

Hello everyone! I just couldn't resist posting this today. Yesterday my daughter wanted to have a girly girl day. So I suggested colouring or painting or shopping and she chose to paint!!! I was super excited as the night before I attended Linda's mixed media class at The Paper Pickle, so my mojo was still in full gear! I just started doing mixed media back in April/May (I started with Christy Tomlinson's She Art on-line course) and I have to tell you it is F-U-N!!! Not to mention the pure gratification of looking at your art once its done. I've done about 4 canvases, I'll have to post them for you to see. They make great gifts and they're rediculously addictive to make! Anyway, luckily my paints were easy to grab since our basement flooded and all my craft stuff is packed away until we get new carpet! Boooo! But a quick trip to the dollar store and a few new paint brushes and canvases later we were ready to roll!

I started with a plan, because my daughter (who's almost 4) needs some sort of structure at least to start out with or else there would have been paint on the! She was a very good student. The only thing I did for her was cut the shapes for the house and the grass, stamp a few things and applied the rub-ons she chose and the rest was all her!

The minute she was done, she asked me for the 'hanger stand thingy' and marched right up to her room and found the perfect spot for her masterpiece. I must say it looks adorable in her room!

My favorite part was when she stopped (mid march) for a minute to ooogle her work. It was sooo cute I had to get a snapshot of it.

Here's her finished canvas. I have to say she looooves those Faber Castell Gelatos! You can see she went to work with the pink and red on her house! Here's my finihsed canvas I will proudly be displaying in my new office!

It was a great day and now we both have something to remind us of our special 'Girly Girl' day!

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  1. Both of these canvases are just awesome. I just love your whimsical touch when it comes to your choice in art - and now I see Livvie's choice is exactly the same. Like mother like daughter....and I am a proud Mother and Nana.

    Too cute for words these canvases!!!
    Mary Anne

  2. Okay....this has to be the cutest post ever. I just adore the creative freedom of children and if we could figure out a way to bottle it and sell it we could be rich and famous!

  3. I just got chills having her looking at it :) and again I love yours so much as I posted on flickr!!! will be following!

  4. Ohhhhhh my goodness, oh my goodness!! I LOVE these...Girl these are AWESOME!! I am in love!!