Sunday, January 8, 2012

Polymer clay....yay!!!

Woo hoo, my first post of 2012! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year's! This isn't my typical 'card post', but I had to share some stuff I've been doing with the kids over the holiday break!

So my daughter and I were surfin' You Tube for crafty stuff and we came across a sloo of videos on how to make polymer clay charms. She was SO excited about all the little tiny cakes, icecream cones, dolls, flowers, cupcakes etc...that she asked if we could make some. How could I say no to that sweet little face and a possible shopping trip? We got lots of inspiration from watching Here, Here and Here (for starters)...My favourite blog I've found so far is JOOJOO! Her art is simply amazing! Anyway, this my first attempt at making polymer clay charms...I've dabbled with clay in the past but not to this extent! Its alot of fun!

I've since picked up some tips on how to NOT get fingerprints on your finished piece! My daughter thinks this looks like one of her retro 'Fisher Price' people...
I like the 'unglazed' look better!

So in the middle of taking pictures, Olivia came up and said 'can you take a pic of these ones?' here are the ones she chose to post:

She made the Mickey Mouse deco piece and my son made the kleenex box and hamburger...

I have a bunch more but will have to save them for another post. I promised the kids I would dedicate a whole post to their mini masterpieces!

I will be posting some new cards next week! Stay tuned!!! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. These are super cute, Krista! And your son's mini burger is darling. =)

  2. These little charms are fabulous - so cute! I especially love the ones the children have made. Very clever of you all.
    Love, Andrea xx

  3. These are way completely awesome!

  4. I really enjoyed my visit. Thank you Alisa

  5. SOOO CUTE!!! And the kiddos did an AWESOME job!

  6. I love these little gems. They would make great little ornaments for a twig tree. I love Owie's hamburger - that is amazing and so is Livvie's Mickey Mouse. Awesome charms. Your blog is always so fun to look at with the new crafts you show us.
    Can't wait to see what is next.
    love ya

  7. Krista, these are fantastic! I have doubts I'd be able to make such cute little charms, myself. Your Olivia is very cute. :-)

  8. hello, greeting,
    that's sooo cute....^^
    n ur children was so creative too ^^
    Hope I can see ur next art ^^