Saturday, February 1, 2014

Paint parties everywhere!!! always starts with 4 magic words...

So I've been meaning to post this first series of pictures since the Christmas break.  My daughter had a couple of friends over for a play date and I had to keep them away from the older boys who were working on a project, so, naturally, I used the four magic words:


After a few squeels, jumps, air kicks and twirls, they were in their aprons and ready to play!  They had a ton of fun experimenting with acrylic paints, stencils, sponges and glitter!  Because hey, glitter (that doesn't come off and mysteriously cling to every crevice in your face...haha) makes everything better, am I right?  I taught them some fun techniques, like how to apply paint using sponges and stencils, then also using baby wipes to remove some of the paint through a stencil (reductive stenciling), how to ground their paintings etc....I let them play and have fun and for the most part, you could literally hear-a-pin-drop it was so quiet!  It was a blast for me to watch their different creative processes!  
Here are their gorgeous mini masterpieces:
OH, and I apologize to my little artists who waited to so long and who were so very excited to hear their little masterpieces would be on my blog.  One of them exclaimed, "wow, these are gonna be on the Complooter?"....well yes, here they are, on your Complooter!!!!  You girls rock!

Now onto paint party number two!!!

On Friday night a group of wonderful ladies aka (the soccer moms's) got together for a fun girls night out!  When I got the email asking the four magic words (in a round about sort of I, naturally was IN! We attended an art class through a venture called PAINT CLUB.  You can check out the website HERE, We all did the same painting 'Here comes the Sun', and was cool to see how everyone's ended up a bit different.  I advise you to go even if you've never picked up a paint brush in your life!  No experience necessary!

It was a TOTAL scream even though we were missing a 'player' ;) and we had some great laughs after, comparing our suns, 'flowers' and 'turkey butts'!  Can't wait for the next one!  Everyone needs a night out with good friends!  Thanks ladies!

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  1. Your daughter and her friends could not have asked for a more talented encouraging teacher! The other paint party looked like you had lots of fun!