Friday, October 24, 2014

A little mish mash....

So I've been down and out in bed for the past week with a not-so-nice cold and friends on fb were probably wondering what got into me with the influx of activity that was going on as I'm not a huge 'facebooker', but the good thing about it is I've caught up with some unfinished business in my blog world so stay tuned for a blast of posts coming your way.... ;)

I'm sharing with you today a journal page I did way back in April and a few favourite finds from my past shopping adventures!

This is the first journal page I finished in my smaller art journal (my favourite journal to use - Dylusions Creative Journal by Dyan Reaveley 5x8 by Ranger).  I was simply just playing around with some new stencils, paint, and india ink.  I know it looks so "dark" and "meaninful" with the black drips of ink pouring from the heart and the word love.....but it was really just me playing around with my new dropper tool and trying to write with different types of india ink - which I love by the way!!!

I picked up these super cool block-printing stamps by Blockwallah on a trip we made to New York City with some good friends way back in June.  We were only there for an extended weekend but the crafty minority of the bunch had our sights set on making it to The Ink Pad.  As soon as I saw them I knew I had to have them!  Blockwallah Wooden Stamps are hand carved in India so each one is unique and speaks of the craftsmanship of its artist. Crafted in a range of contemporary and traditional designs these wooden stamps will give your art a truly unique quality. Blockwallah can be used on both fabric and paper. Blockwallah works closely with local artisans in India providing impoverished women with employment throughout the production process.

Stay tuned for upcoming projects featuring these stamps!

And lastly, my favourite thing that sits on my desk right now is this new pencil case by BlueQ.  I have a healthy collection of their tins, bags, zipper pouches and pencil cases that I keep my art supplies in and this one is by far my favourite!  It speaks for itself I think!  

Some of my favourite quotes:  (had to share today)

Spread love everywhere you go.  Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.  ~Mother Teresa

Well there you have it!  A little catch up and a glimpse of what lies in my messy art space.  More coming your way!  Have a great weekend and as always thanks for stopping by my blog today!


  1. hope you are feeling better and have more time to create your lovely pages... and I love that pencil case... perfect...xx

  2. amazing stamps and I love your spread ..yummie colors!

  3. Beautiful journal pages. Happy PPF, Valerie

  4. hope you are feeling better lovely bright art and I like those wooden stamps..I think you need lots of padding when you use stamps like these

  5. Good to see you back again and feeling better. Very inspirational post today.....makes me want to run to my craft room if it wasn't for the fact that I'm headed down and out with a flu of some sort. Must be going around! Look forward to seeing more on here but I guess I have to find you on Facebook.....seems to be where the actions at! Lol

  6. Lots of great work and love your owl stamp. Happy PPF, Annette x

  7. Such lovely bold hearts--the colors are a delight to my eyes.

  8. Feel better soon! Love your painting...the bold black lines speak to my heart!! We are on the same page about kindness this week!! Love and kindness always win!

    Hugs Giggles