Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lollipops x2!

Today...I'm giving you a sample of some of my very good friends' Lori Boyd's sweet Lollipops, x2! I just love them to bits! These sweet little images are now available to purchase as digi's exclusively by Claudia & Co Stamps!!! Check them all out HERE!

For my card I used Gracie and Dylan!
'Sigh' young love...

For this card, I was inspired by the wonderfully talented Linda Heavens and her card HERE! I remembered she had made that beautiful card with her magical colouring and all, and thought I'd try to find my inner Linda...I've got some work to do...lol. She's been MIA lately and wanted to let her know everyone is missing her at the Pickle!!! (our lss). Please get that wrist all healed up, as you can see I need some help with my grass...LOL!

I also tried the do-it-yourself cloud background for the first time. I cut out a little scalloped template and sponged away. I was trying to figure out why it didn't look right to me until I noticed that my clouds are upside down! Oops! Ah well, now I know for next time!

So if you just can't resist these sweet little Lollipops (like me), head over to DCRU! and check them all out!

Have a great day, thanks for stopping by!


  1. This is the cutest card Kris. What a cute card for a 16th birthday!!! I really like the way it's put together with the paper and colors etc!! so very very cute.

  2. Adorable card. I've been wanting to try to sponge clouds too. I'll keep in mind to make sure they're right side up. Lol.

    I am SO glad I came over here tonight! I have been absolutely DYING to get my hands on a Pookie Lollipop stamp for ages but I couldn't afford the shipping! I'm SO HAPPY it's now available in a digi! I'll definitely be making an order right away.