Monday, January 23, 2012

YouTube anyone?

So I've decided to post my very first video tutorial on YouTube! Yep I did it. Well, its more of a a picture-video-slide-movie thingy which has a step by step guide to colour up the face and hair on the cutie below!

I did this card (featuring "Gifts of Giving" Stamp by Penny Black Stamps) a while back for a class I did at Scrappin' Great Deals. I get alot of people ask me how I colour the face and hair. So I tried playing around with my movie-maker software (addictive) and came up with something from the handouts I give in my classes. Being my first one please go easy on me, I'm just having a little bit of fun and actually following through with things I've always said I've wanted to do...(and I don't even make new year's resolutions).



  1. Pretty darn cool! The credits at the end were cute. :)

  2. Take it easy on you!!!! WHAT? This was spectacular....too bad i don't use copics...for cost reasons i'm a promarker girl. Your video is great, maybe you can give a tutorial on how to make a video...mine sucks...thanks for sharing..

  3. ahhhhhhhh ha ha - love love this video, love the music - it made me smile from ear to ear. Too darn cute for words Kris. Your talent shines through and your coloring techniques makes those adorable images just pop.